Dr. Gulshan Sethi and Metro Vein Centers – moving forward together

Who we are

Metro Vein Centers began in 2006, founded by Dr. Ali Meslemani for the treatment of varicose veins. Treatment offered at the centers includes helping those with varicose and spider veins along with other related conditions. Twelve locations have sprung up over the years to include branches in Michigan, Texas, New Jersey and New York. This expansion has led to the distinguishing of the practice as one of the leading vein clinics in the United States. The combination of the skill of the staff physicians along with the utilization of the latest and least invasive procedures has placed Metro at the head of the class. Their goal is to allow their patients to look better, feel better and live better through treatment of venous diseases.

Dr. Gulshan Sethi – an example of excellence

The high caliber of the doctors on staff is exemplified by Dr. Gulshan Sethi. Dr. Sethi, who works out of the Bronx and White Plains, NY branches, is a Fellowship trained vascular and endovascular Surgeon. The litany of Dr. Sethi’s formal training is impressive, and includes the following disciplines:

• Carotid Surgery

• Thoracic/Abdominal Aortic Reconstruction (both for Aneurysmal and Occlusive Disease)

• Peripheral Arterial and Venous Interventions

• Visceral Angiograms and Interventions

• Endovenous Intervention

Education and achievements

In 2009, Dr. Sethi graduated with a medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Academic recognition he received included the “Excellence in Clinical Education” award. In addition, for “Outstanding Academic Achievement,” he was named a member of Iota Chapter of the Psi Sigma Alpha Society. Dr. Sethi also travelled to London England to attend classes at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Committed to patient care

Dr. Sethi’s commitment to his patients is evident. He stated that the venous and arterial processes and procedures that vascular surgeons deal with are “very complex,” and require pre-operative planning. He has also expressed that this complexity is borne out by the fact that there is a variety of treatments that can be utilized in different patients. With the evolution of treatment in recent years, particularly advances in providing minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Sethi is pleased that Metro Vein Centers is forward thinking. This includes the fact that they have now chosen to provide arterial disease management at their outpatient vein centers. Dr. Gulshan Sethi said it well: “I love what I do, and am very passionate and honest about providing my patients with the best possible care”.

Prevention of varicose veins

An element in arterial disease management is to take steps to prevent varicose veins before they happen. Another benefit of this approach is to minimize discomfort. The main goal of the following tips is to slow the development of varicose veins or even prevent them from occurring:

• Stimulate blood flow through exercise – walking is essential. Check with your family doctor before beginning any exercise regimen to determine what is safe and beneficial for you.

• Dietary concerns – watch your weight. Extra weight places unnecessary pressure on the veins. Try adopting a low salt diet. Salt stimulates water retention and swelling in your legs.

• What are you wearing? Avoid high heels. With low heels your calves get more of a workout, which helps your veins. Loose clothing on your legs, waist and groin will encourage better blood flow.

• Elevating your legs above the level of your heart several times a day will increase circulation. Prop up your legs with three to four pillows.

• Frequent movement is also a must. Many of us have sedentary jobs and come home and just want to watch TV on the sofa. Take a walk over lunch or use the stairs instead of the elevator.