Vitamins to Boost Your Libido

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It may still be taboo to speak of according to some people, but human beings are sexual creatures. In fact, sex is one of the only things we were designed for, besides eating or sleeping. But that’s a whole other debate. In terms of a person’s sex drive specifically, having poor nutritional habits can sometimes cause it to suffer.

Proper vitamin intake is absolutely paramount to staying in great health. When we’re at our happiest and healthiest, you can be sure that our system is working with all the vitamins it needs. And if you’re one of the many people out there suffering from a sporadic, lazy libido, a vitamin deficiency may just be the culprit.

Having a strong libido is something that may not stand out as important to you. But if you’ve ever thrown out that “not in the mood” line or have felt too tired or too busy to give in to desire, then it may just be that you are suffering from a deflated libido, and this can get worse as time passes. Taking care of the problem now, if only to stay up on your vitamin intake, is a great way to avoid persistent problems in the future.


Vitamin buffs tell you that it’s a smart move to make sure you’re caught up “A to zinc,” and with good reason. Zinc is an essential vitamin in your diet. In terms of libido, zinc can definitely help you out. For men, zinc can work to increase the sperm count, and in women, zinc works to increase fluid secretions. Both of these are libido-boosters.

If you want to up your zinc intake, you can start eating more brown rice, pine nuts, eggs, and especially pumpkin seeds. Zinc supplements can be found, but the truth is that you shouldn’t need them, as you can find high doses in plenty of everyday food items.

Vitamin E

Another effective libido booster, vitamin E helps individuals regulate their hormone levels. A balanced hormonal system means a healthier system, and a healthier system is a more balanced system, and a more balanced system is, well, you get the idea. By being in optimum health, your sex drive will definitely be at its peak. Nuts and seeds, avocados and other produce items are packed with vitamin E.

Vitamin C

Not only does vitamin C help keep you energized and help your immune system fight off illness, especially the common cold, but this vitamin can also help boost the libido. You would be surprised just how many food items contain vitamin C. It’s certainly not only found in citrus. You can find healthy amounts of vitamin C in amla, guava, kokum, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, and especially in bell peppers.

Whether you’re working to increase your libido or if you simply wish to stay in good health, keeping up with your vitamin intake is just a smart move. Lapsing on vitamins may not seem like a big deal, but a vitamin deficiency can be seriously risky business. So make sure you’re always eating a healthy, balanced diet and supplementing where necessary.