Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins for Hair Loss
Although it is universally a bigger problem in men, women too suffer from hair loss, and both genders go to great extents in attempts to regrow hair. Whether we’re talking about taking pills, rubbing creams into your scalp or even going to the cosmetic surgeon to have hair transplanted from one part of your scalp to another, the methods are wide ranging and all have one thing in common: they’re costly and not guaranteed to work. Many people are looking for alternative remedies and some turn to vitamins for hair loss.

How exactly do vitamins for hair loss work? Well, we all know that vitamins can help to strengthen your skin, bones, immune system and assist you in leading an overall healthier lifestyle, and your hair also benefits from that as it is just as much a part of your body as anything else. Although hair is obviously expendable, it can be strengthened by vitamins.

When you check most online lists of vitamin B benefits & side effects, odds are you won’t find “hair regrowth” listed in the positive section of every one, but strengthening and growing hair is actually a benefit of a specific B vitamin – biotin. This is a powerful vitamin that strengthens skin, nails and hair and can actually help prevent further hair loss and, in some cases, even promote the growth of new hair.

Another vitamin called PABA, or Para-Aminobenzoic, is an essential vitamin to take if you’re looking to deal with the problems of hair loss. Individuals losing color in their hair prematurely or who are losing their actual hair are sometimes suffering from a PABA deficiency, so simply taking a B complex supplement or eating a diet rich in vitamin B can help reverse this trend.

Vitamin C is another important vitamin to take if you want to promote strong and healthy hair. C vitamins are great for strengthening your hair and skin, and everything from citrus fruits and strawberries to potatoes and bell peppers will give you a lot of vitamin C.