Vitamin E Benefits & Side Effects

Vitamin E Benefits & Side Effects
Many people are aware of the fact that vitamins are good for them. After all, most of us have heard it for most of our lives as children: “Take your vitamins, dear.” But how exactly do these vitamins help you? Take vitamin E for example. What are the vitamin E benefits & side effects and is the supplement even worth taking?

Well, the list is rather long when talking about vitamin E benefits & side effects, but we can start with the most positive. If you’ve ever heard of those bad overall health and cancer-causing free radicals, then you know they’re nasty little critters. Vitamin E helps to protect the body’s cells from these loose electrons. The vitamin is also essential in repairing DNA structure and improving immune function.

This vitamin is found in a lot of the foods we eat, namely vegetable oils, nuts and leafy greens. It is also found in smaller amounts in eggs, tuna and salmon. Without a doubt, vitamin e is a nature made vitamin and not just something conjured up in a lab somewhere. Its benefits are vast and even include helping wounds to heal without a scar when applied directly to the infected area.

However good its benefits may be, though, you should still be aware that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Vitamin E also acts as a blood thinner. Due to your particular level of health, you might already be on blood thinners, as such, taking vitamin E might lead to complications.

As far as toxic side effects of vitamin E, there are none. Other than some minor possible conflictions depending on your medications, vitamin E is 100% safe and 100% natural. Your body needs it and would definitely respond to more of it.